An air conditioner is a device designed to optimize the climatic conditions in apartments, houses, offices, cars, etc. It is used for cooling and sometimes heating depending on the air properties at a given time.

Based on their functional data the air conditioners are divided into industrial and domestic air conditioners, though by the structural implementation there are “monoblocks”, split systems and VRV systems. A domestic air conditioner is about 7 kW in capacity. It is used in living and office accommodations, which have an area of 100 m2.
When more powerful equipment is required, they use the so called industrial conditioners. The devices of this class are used in the centralized heating and cooling systems. Monoblock Air Conditioner consists of one functional block and can be stationary and portable. Split systems always consist of two or more blocks with the ficed location; one element is placed on the outside wall, on the roof or balcony and the other is placed straight in the cooled room. Based on their type Air Conditioners are divided into wall-type air conditioner, Channel air conditioner,  Cartridge air conditioner, Floor-to-ceiling type air conditioner, etc.