Types of ventilation systems
While elaborating the ventilation system its type is determined at first. Ventilation systems are classified by the following main principles:

  • By the mode of air flow: natural or artificial ventilation system
  • By its function: blowing or exhaust ventilation system
  • Zone of using: local or general system of ventilation


Natural or artificial ventilation system is executed without application of electrical equipment (ventilator, electric motors) and is created as a result of natural factors – difference of air temperatures, change in pressure depending on height, wind pressure. Advantage of the natural system of ventilation is low cost, simple installation and reliability, which is preconditioned by absence of electrical equipment and moving part. Owing to that such systems are widely used in construction of standard dwelling and represent air channels, which are located in the most inconvenient places in the kitchen or in the hall. The other side of the cheapness of this type of ventilation systems is dependence of their effectiveness on external factors – air temperature, direction and velocity of air flow etc. Besides, such systems could not be regulated in general and they can not be of use while settling some tasks in the field of ventilation.

Artificial or mechanic system of ventilation is used where the natural ventilation is not enough. Equipments and devices are used in mechanic systems of ventilation (ventilators, filters, air heaters etc.), which enables mixing, cleaning and heating of the air. Such systems may deaerate the air into ventilated areas notwithstanding environment conditions. In practice, in offices and apartments it is necessary to use artificial system of ventilation, as it may guarantee creation of comfortable environment.                    

Supply and exhaust air ventilation system
Supply system of ventilation is used for supply of fresh air into the room. In case of necessity the supplied air is heated and cleaned from the dust. Exhaust ventilation system, on the contrary, exhausts contaminated or heated air. Both supply and exhaust air ventilation systems are installed in the room. At the same time their capacity should be balanced, other vice insufficient of excessive pressure will be formed in the room, which will lead to unpleasant effect of a “slamming door”.              

Local and general system of ventilation
Local system of ventilation is intended for supply of fresh air to particular areas (local input ventilation) or for removal of contaminated air from the places of formation of harmful discharges (local exhaust ventilation). Local exhaust ventilation is used when areas of harmful discharges are localized and their dissemination in the whole room may be prevented. In such cases local ventilation is quite effective and is comparatively cheap. Local ventilation is used mainly at manufactures. General ventilation is used in domestic conditions. Exceptions are cooker hoods, which represent local exhausting ventilation system.
General ventilation, unlike the local one, is intended for ventilation of the whole area. General ventilation may be input and exhaust. As a rule, input general ventilation should be executed with heating and filtration of input air. Due to that the ventilation should be mechanical (artificial). General exhaust ventilation may be simpler than input one and executed by means of ventilator, which is installed in the window or opening in the wall, as the ventilated air should not be reprocessed. With smaller volumes of ventilated air natural exhaust ventilation is installed, which is cheaper than the mechanic ventilation.              
Among used materials are materials of periodicals, articles of employees of the company RFK-climate and specialists in the field of air ventilation.  

Examples of application of ventilation system:


Input system  of ventilation is installed and in capacity of
exhaust ventilation existing system of ventilation in utility
core and kitchen is used.


Input and exhaust systems of ventilation
are installed


As a rule not only general system of ventilation but
local system as well are installed. Demanded ratio of
air exchange and consequently cost of the ventilation
system depends on type of manufacture.